Top 6 Fairs in MA and RI For Family Fun

There is nothing like a New England agricultural fair. The food, the rides, the animals. Fairs In MA and RI An agricultural fair makes for the perfect place to learn more about cows, and the dairy industry.  And who knows.  Maybe you’ll be able to sample some milk in a glass bottle. Drink Milk in […]

The Facts on New England Dairy Farms

The dairy industry is a huge business in New England. With over 1,500 dairies in five states a lot of milk is produced by New England dairy farms each year.  In fact, without these local farms many of our dairies wouldn’t have milk in their bottles. Get the Numbers on New England Dairy Farms In […]

Milk Bottle Buildings in Massachusetts

During the earlier part of the 19 century, Massachusetts was a hub of dairy farming activity.  With countless farms, and dairies dotting the rural landscape. As a result, many iconic and unusual buildings popped up across the state, representing the area’s strong dairy roots. Massachusetts Milk Bottle Buildings Many of these buildings were creatively crafted […]

June Is National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month! So, of course, at Drink Milk in Glass Bottles we’re celebrating in full force. All month long, we’ll be celebrating National Dairy Month on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and right here, on our blog. National Dairy Month 2015 National Dairy Month first kicked off in 1937, a year when milk bottles […]

The Benefits of Recycling Glass Bottles

The Benefits of Recycling Glass Bottles Recycling is great for the environment in more ways than one. It reduces waste in landfills, saves energy on manufacturing new materials, and preserves habitats for wildlife. As many local Massachusite know, the 2010-2020 Solid Waste Master Plan, released by the Massachusetts Dept. of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) in 2013, […]