How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Glass Milk Bottles

Environmental Friendly DIY Craft Projects So you’re starting a brand new chapter in your life and heading off to college. One of the things you’re probably excited for is decorating your dorm room. It would make it much easier on your budget if you could decorate with some creative DIY craft projects. Chances are if you’re attending a […]

Shop Local, For Farmers Sake

We know how buying local produce and other organic products benefits us all Californians as consumers. Local produce and nearby farmers market food is always  fresh, often free of pesticides, and tastes delicious. But do you know how shopping local helps farmers? Your contributions can go a long way, and farmers benefit from your decision to purchase their […]

“Got ‘Small-Batch’ Milk?”: The California Microdairy Revolution

California Is Leading The Charge on the Microdairy Revolution Time for the best California dairy farms list! A movement has begun. It’s not a political or radical movement, it’s a food movement targeting awareness and health.  The miracle of the internet, and its inherent ease of information dissemination, has led to us, as a society, […]