The Great Soft Drink Debate: Milk vs. Soda

Milk: The Healthy Alternative to Soda That Will Make a Major Difference There’s a terrifying epidemic plaguing America’s youth: obesity. And one of the biggest suspects in this epidemic is sugary soft drinks. More and more parents in today’s world are looking for a healthy alternative to soda that will benefit their children. Pop and […]

Want the Best Local Produce in California? Then Stop by One of These 13 Best Farmers’ Markets

Where do you buy your produce? If the answer isn’t from any California farmers markets, you’re missing out on some real quality produce. California has amazing farmers’ markets because they operate year round. If you live in the Golden State, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity to have farm fresh produce and dairy […]

9 Reasons To Love Cows

These Health Benefits of Milk Will Make You Love Cows Even More! We all know that cows provide numerous advantages to both local communities and the world as a whole. The many health benefits of cow milk include helping to boost the immune system, building strong bones and teeth, protecting the heart and assisting in preventing diabetes. The […]

June Is National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy Month! So, of course, at Drink Milk in Glass Bottles we’re celebrating in full force. All month long, we’ll be celebrating National Dairy Month on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and right here, on our blog. National Dairy Month 2015 National Dairy Month first kicked off in 1937, a year when milk bottles […]