Ho, Ho, Hold the Milk. Here Are 4 Ways To Use Your Empty Bottles As Holiday Decorations

Are you tired of putting out the same holiday decorations every year? Are you looking for some eye-catching pieces to put out at your holiday parties? People have been decorating their houses since Christmas was officially declared a legal holiday in 1856. Holiday decorations have stayed traditional at the root, but have evolved over time […]

MOOve Over, Santa! These Are The Best Holiday Gifts For Cow Lovers and Dairy Farmers

Don’t be stumped this holiday season. We all know the struggles of gift giving. Everyone wants their gift to leave a long lasting impression on whoever they’re buying for. Whether it be your spouse, mother, father, school teacher, friend, etc,  common questions we ask ourselves are will they like it?  Will they use it?  Is […]

The Great Soft Drink Debate: Milk vs. Soda

Milk: The Healthy Alternative to Soda That Will Make a Major Difference There’s a terrifying epidemic plaguing America’s youth: obesity. And one of the biggest suspects in this epidemic is sugary soft drinks. More and more parents in today’s world are looking for a healthy alternative to soda that will benefit their children. Pop and […]

Happy Dairy Cows Come From California

Are Local Dairy Cows Happier? Do you remember the tagline “happy cows come from California?” If you don’t, you’ll probably still remember those Happy Cows commercials that were run by the California Milk Advisory Board a many years back. These commercials had a point: happy cows come from California, because the majority of the farms […]