Originating in Corinna, Maine, the farm existed at the same location from the time the first settlers homesteaded central Maine in the early 1800s. Bob Nutter is the fifth generation of his family to farm land, first in Maine and now in North Carolina.
At the turn of the century, Bob’s grandfather purchased his first registered Holstein dairy cow. Holsteins are black and white, and produce vast quantities of milk with a moderate fat content. These Holsteins were imported from two provinces in the Netherlands; Friesland and North Holland both sit on the cold shores of the North Sea.
Over the years, the Maview herd has continued to develop. Milk testing (DHIA) and artificial insemination (using semen from superior bulls) ahve contributed the most toward the improvement of the herd. In July 1963, the Maview milking herd and bred heifers were sold. A better milk market and climate for double cropping was found in North Carolina. Within two months the calves, farm families and equipment moved 1,000 miles to the present location. Maple View Farm was back in business milking cows in Orange County, NC.  In 1996 Roger Nutter formed Maple View Farm Milk Company- producing GRADE A milk in glass bottles.  Today, along with his partner, Mike Strowd, the company provides milk for grocery stores and restaurants.  Maple View Farm Milk can be purchased at the farm by visiting Maple View Farm Ice Cream.
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