Sheeder Cloverleaf Dairy is owned and operated by Russell and Merici Sheeder and is located west of Guthrie Center, Iowa. We started to milk cows in 1997 using an intensive rotational grazing system with our herd during the growing season, The cows go to a new paddock (patch of grass enough for a 12-hour period) after every milking, which is morning and night. It proved to be good for the cows and good for our 220 rolling acres of grasses and legumes and good for raising our three children who have played an essential part of our daily.

In January 2005, we began to bottle our milk in our on-farm processing plant and continue to be a grass-based dairy. Our milk products are Grade A, vat pasteurized, homogenized, no hormones added and are available in nostalgic returnable, refundable and reusable half-gallon GLASS bottles. In addition, we test every batch of milk for antibiotics to assure the milk is antibiotic-free before we process it.

We bottle Skim, 2 %, Whole and Whole Chocolate Milks. We also bottle Cream in quart glass bottles and Egg Nog in both sizes during the holiday season. The cream that is produced on grass is so brilliantly yellow “naturally” from the live growing grasses and the sun that makes the grasses grow. We call it “Sunshine in a Bottle”. One year ago, we added 12-ounce plastic bottles for our Whole Chocolate Milk which has proven to be a big hit with our customers.

Many people enjoy our eleven flavors of ice cream which come in 48-ounce size tubs. We offer Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Cookies and Cream, Lemon Custard, Premium Butter Brittle, Cinnamon and Peppermint Ice Creams.


Our Address:

1665-210th Street Guthrie Center, IA 50115

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