We Know You Care About The Benefits of Milk in Glass Bottles. We Do Too!

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles started in 2014 as a resource for consumers and milk lovers to find farm fresh milk close to home.
Before DMIGB, there was no easy way to find dairies in your own backyard or sign up for home milk delivery.

Now, not only can you find dairies that offer their milk in glass bottles, but you can find those that deliver too!

This grassroots approach to fresh and healthier milk is what inspired us to create this website in the first place.

Local milk is tastier and fresher. It also contributes to your local economy and helps your neighbors.


We Help You Find Where To Sign up for Local Home Milk Delivery.

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles represents a collection of milk suppliers and milk producers who share the same enthusiastic confidence.

We’re not saying that milk sold in cartons or plastic jugs is bad. What we are saying is that the experience of drinking milk from an iconic glass bottle is far superior.

It tastes better, keeps your milk fresh for longer, and it’s easily recyclable.

Find a local dairy near you that offers home delivery of farm fresh milk, straight to your door.

Home milk delivery from local dairy farms. Find a local dairy near you.