Our organically certified, grass-fed, Dutch Belt Dairy products may taste sweeter, are easier to digest, and are nutrient dense. Our yogurts are rich and extra creamy, delicate and delicious, and easy to digest. Try our yogurt plain from the container, mix it in your smoothie, or pour it over your favorite fresh fruit. We use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our cheeses are also unique and easier to digest yet they are hearty, robust, and full of flavor. We suggest that you taste our flagship cheese, our Dutch Belt Dutch Cheddar!
Dutch Belt cows have extremely small fat globules in the molecules of their milk, making their milk “naturally homogenized,” great tasting, and easy to digest. Their milk tests 3.5 to 5.5 percent butter fat, also making it an ideal drinking milk. This sweet milk may bring calm nourishment in a time when many people have a weakened immune system and compromised digestion.


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