milk in glass bottlesMilk Delivery.
It’s a movement. It’s a passion.
A belief that drinking milk from glass bottles is better.

Drink Milk in Glass Bottles represents a collection of milk suppliers and producers who share the same enthusiastic confidence that drinking milk from glass bottles is better.

While we’re not saying that milk sold in cartons or plastic jugs is bad, what we are saying, is that the experience of drinking milk from an iconic glass bottle is far superior.

Plain and simple.

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  • Glass keeps milk colder. Colder milk, means a creamier and richer taste.
  • It’s environmentally friendlier. Glass bottles can be washed and reused as many times as they are returned. Not only does recycling and reusing glass bottles decrease the amount of material added to landfills, but the energy used to clean and refill the glass bottles is far less than having to make another carton or plastic jug.
  • Plastic tastes like Plastic. Unlike paper cartons or plastic, glass does not transfer any foreign odor or flavor to the milk.
  • Local milk gets to your fridge quicker. Dairies near your home mean the milk you’ll be drinking travels way less to get there. You’re also supporting local farmers, your neighbors!
  • Health Benefits of Milk. Aside from glass having an endless recycling life, glass is an ideal material for containing dairy and other food products. It extends food product shelf-life, preserves product quality and reduces food waste. Dairy farmers, food business owners and consumers alike do not need to worry about their glass packaging breaking down and altering the smell, flavour and composition of their food products.