wooden table arrangment DIY holiday decorations. Los Angeles, Fresno

Ho, Ho, Hold the Milk. Here Are 4 Ways To Use Your Empty Bottles As Holiday Decorations

Are you tired of putting out the same holiday decorations every year? Are you looking for some eye-catching pieces to put out at your holiday parties? People have been decorating their houses since Christmas was officially declared a legal holiday in 1856. Holiday decorations have stayed traditional at the root, but have evolved over time […]

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MOOve Over, Santa! These Are The Best Holiday Gifts For Cow Lovers and Dairy Farmers

Don’t be stumped this holiday season. We all know the struggles of gift giving. Everyone wants their gift to leave a long lasting impression on whoever they’re buying for. Whether it be your spouse, mother, father, school teacher, friend, etc,  common questions we ask ourselves are will they like it?  Will they use it?  Is […]

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Milkman delivering milk with home delivery.

The Day the Milkman Went Away: A History of Home Milk Delivery

A Quick History of Home Milk Delivery in America You might have heard about the resurgence of home milk delivery in America. That’s right- the milkman is making a comeback, and all across the country more people are joining the movement. If this is bringing back some nostalgic feelings for you, we’re going to make […]

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Milk is a healthy alternative to soda for children and adults.

The Great Soft Drink Debate: Milk vs. Soda

Milk: The Healthy Alternative to Soda That Will Make a Major Difference There’s a terrifying epidemic plaguing America’s youth: obesity. And one of the biggest suspects in this epidemic is sugary soft drinks. More and more parents in today’s world are looking for a healthy alternative to soda that will benefit their children. Pop and […]

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Woman making delicious smoothie recipes in a blender..

7 Easy to Make Smoothies Even Your Kids Will Love

7 Easy to Make Smoothies to Get More Dairy in Your Life Who doesn’t love breakfast you can drink? These easy to make smoothies are the perfect way to get your kids to drink more milk, to use up your milk, and to inspire you to choose a better breakfast. In fact, you don’t have […]

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17 Budget-Friendly DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Have to Try

17 DIY Wedding Decor Ideas You Can Make With Your Glass Milk Bottles Rustic weddings are really trendy right now, and the best part about this theme is that there are so many DIY wedding decor ideas you can incorporate. Everyone wants to have their dream wedding, but not everyone is able to pay the […]

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Cooking With Milk: 11 Easy Ways to Use up Leftover Milk

11 Tips and Tricks for Cooking With Milk: Never Let it Go to Waste Again Nothing hurts your wallet and your environmental footprint than letting food go to waste- especially milk, with its 9 essential nutrients. Cooking with milk is an easy solution to avoiding this problem entirely. If you notice your milk is getting […]

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Is Chocolate Milk Good For You? Get the Facts Here

The Health Benefits of Chocolate Milk You Might Not Realize Chocolate milk is a childhood favorite that we often carry with us throughout our adult lives. But did you know that there are many health benefits of chocolate milk that we can gain from indulging in this delicious beverage? That’s right! Chocolate milk isn’t just […]

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13 Fun Facts About Recycling Everyone Should Know

13 Fun Facts About Recycling That Will Change Your Life Reduce, reuse, recycle… we know what it is, but we often don’t know how important it is to follow this principle. That’s why we’re here to provide you with these fun facts about recycling! Learning how much of a difference recycling truly makes can be […]

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DIY Easter crafts to make with glass milk bottles.

5 DIY Easter Crafts Your Kids Can Help You Make

  5 DIY Easter Crafts You Can Make With Your Glass Milk Bottles The Easter bunny is well on his way! What better way to get festive with your kids than by creating some fun DIY Easter crafts? Your glass milk bottles are the perfect item to create tons of fun and easy Easter crafts […]

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