5 Fun Facts About Cows: Debunking Common Myths

When we’re younger, we hear these cool facts about animals and love sharing them to impress our friends. But the facts aren’t always right! Are you guilty for getting these very common myths about cows wrong? Don’t worry, you’re in the majority. Most of us still believe this myths because they are just so interesting! […]

Happy Dairy Cows Come From California

Are Local Dairy Cows Happier? Do you remember the tagline “happy cows come from California?” If you don’t, you’ll probably still remember those Happy Cows commercials that were run by the California Milk Advisory Board a many years back. These commercials had a point: happy cows come from California, because the majority of the farms […]

Want the Best Local Produce in California? Then Stop by One of These 13 Best Farmers’ Markets

Where do you buy your produce? If the answer isn’t from any California farmers markets, you’re missing out on some real quality produce. California has amazing farmers’ markets because they operate year round. If you live in the Golden State, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this opportunity to have farm fresh produce and dairy […]

Shop Local, For Farmers Sake

We know how buying local produce and other organic products benefits us all Californians as consumers. Local produce and nearby farmers market food is always  fresh, often free of pesticides, and tastes delicious. But do you know how shopping local helps farmers? Your contributions can go a long way, and farmers benefit from your decision to purchase their […]