Calder Dairy is a small family owned and run dairy in South Eastern Michigan. Our company was started in 1946 by William Calder.  He used a bonus from the  Air Force to purchase a used delivery truck. Milk was brought in from Irish Hills area, and it was pasteurized and bottled in glass.  Back then, there were many small dairies delivering milk directly to local homes, these days we are a rarity.

We like to say that we were ‘local’ before it was fashionable!!  We have a herd of Holstein and Brown Swiss cows.  We do not use hormones.  Our milk is transported from the farm to the dairy in Lincoln Park. These days we have home delivery routes that go out every day, we also have numerous wholesale accounts with stores, markets and restaurants.

Our farm is is open to the pubic year round, we have a viewing area where you can watch the cows being milked at 4 pm daily.  We have numerous farm ‘critters’ for you to visit and a pretty pond and waterfall to relax next to.

Our ice cream is truly made on the farm.  We also make fudge on the farm.

We make some delicious holiday products. The best Egg Nog ever!!!  It is the thickest creamiest you will ever try!  We start making Egg Nog at the end of October, it is a family tradition we share with many local customers.  We also make an awesome pumpkin ice cream that people swear takes like a pumpkin pie.

Check out our website and we are also on Facebook at Calder Dairy and Farm.

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9334 Finzel Rd, Carleton, MI 48117, United States

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